Pulse WidthΒΆ

This example is built specificity for the arty_35T. It demonstrates a greater variety of I/O and a PWM that drives the RGB leds on the board. To build this example run the following commands:

make -C pulse_width_led

At completion, the bitstreams are located in the build directory:


Now, you can upload the design with:

TARGET="arty_35" make download -C pulse_width_led

After downloading the bitstream, you can experiment with and mix different amounts of red, green, and blue on RGB led 0 by toggling different switches and buttons on and off. From left to right: switches 3, 2, 1 control the intensity of blue, switch 0 and buttons 3 and 2 control the intensity of red, and buttons 1 and 0 control the intensity of green. The following provides an example: