Running CI locallyΒΆ

The CI uses a bunch of scripts in the .github/scripts/ directory to execute the needed tests. You can use the same scripts locally to test without having to wait for the online CIs to pass if you want to quickly test stuff.

For this, you will need tuttest, which you can install with:

pip install git+
  • <fpga-family> is one of {eos-s3, xc7} (the two currently covered platforms - EOS-S3 and Xilinx series 7).

  • <os> is one of {ubuntu, debian, centos} (currently supported operating systems).

To install the toolchain (just the first time), run:

.github/scripts/ <fpga-family> <os> | bash -c "$(cat /dev/stdin)"

To build all the examples locally, just run:

.github/scripts/ <fpga-family>  | bash -c "$(cat /dev/stdin)"